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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think my university does more than enough because as an international student myself, I haven't felt left out."
"Yes. The ratio of public to state schools is in line with the actual ratio in the population."
"I think it is very good at attracting and catering for a diverse range of backgrounds as they have societies for people from almost all walks of life."
"Offers extra grants to those on low incomes. Not huge amounts, but it can help a lot!"
"Yes it does. It provides all female accommodation and Welsh only accommodation."
"From what I understand, Cardiff is held in high esteem internationally. I have also met a number of students from abroad – in particular China, Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. This ensures that Cardiff is a vibrant, diverse mix of students."
"The university does quite a lot for students from different backgrounds. They offer advice and help with finances; there are societies where they can meet new friends; and the SU provides information about activities available during the holidays for those who stay over the breaks."
"Yes: European Union grants from the government that allow EU students to pay the same price as Welsh students for their degree (£3,600). Possibility to be a student warden (free accommodation for a year) if students struggle with their finances. Loads of societies focused on different cultures/languages."
"Yes, I believe so. There are many societies for particular groups of people ie Greek Cypriot, Irish etc. The Chaplains also provide services for all religious backgrounds."
"LGBT+ friendly uni. Very good in terms of race, gender and class equality in my opinion."

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