Cardiff University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Parking: as I am a commuting student I have to park over 15 minutes away and walk or pay upwards of £30 to park for the week!"
"The roads in Cardiff are very bad for cycling, a lot of pot holes and dangerous roads."
"Frequent bad weather, often heavy traffic clogging up the roads around the university buildings, Cathays often very unclean."
"A lot of student houses are in disgusting states, and landlords don't care enough to sort out the issues with the properties."
"The ASSL library is really cold, which actually prevents me from studying there. It's also the only library open 24 hours. There tends to be very little space, especially when exam time roles around. Trying to find anywhere on campus to study is near impossible if you don't stay all day. It is inevitable it'll be busy, but there is literally nowhere to go."
"Sometimes seems to be poor communication between departments."
"There are not always enough resources for some of the newer modules or enough copies of books that are too expensive to buy."
"The lack of facilities: no pool, no free gym access."
"It rains a LOT in Wales. Poor housing after first year."
"Organisation can sometimes be a struggle, lectures are often reorganised and relocated."

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