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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are lots of societies. I would recommend doing lots of the 'give it a go' sessions as they normally only cost £3 and you get to try lots of activities out before you commit to the joining fee."
"There are various societies for everyone ranging from sports clubs to book clubs and even sci-fi and fantasy. Varsity is a big part of the social calendar where everyone bands together to support Cardiff over Swansea in the battle for the varsity trophy with the main event being rugby."
"The social environment for undergraduates is incredibly good and there is a huge range of societies from sports to more creative societies such as filming and script writing."
"My course is very sociable and there are usually course-based societies so you can meet loads of people on your course. There are plenty of sports clubs including the IMG league, which is school teams eg journalism netball, which means you can have fun playing a sport while taking away the pressure of playing for a university (BUCS) team. There are so many societies too for anything from religion to baking."
"Cardiff offers plenty of societies including sports, art, cooking, games and departmental societies. Many departments also have their own sports teams in rugby, football and netball. If you are part of a sporting society, there will be socials and nights out that are important for the team spirit. Trips are also sometimes offered within departments, which means you can go with course friends."
"There's a diverse array of clubs. The location of the university lends itself to all manner of outdoor activities including windsurfing, surfing, hiking, rock climbing and white water rafting. This is in addition to the classic sports clubs (and legendary sport socials) such as rugby, lacrosse, cricket and ultimate frisbee. There are also lots of clubs to share different interests in from the children's teddy bear hospital society to the cheese and wine society."
"There are countless numbers of sports clubs and most are welcome to starting a new sport at university. I joined the trampoline club without any experience and it was really good fun and a great way to make new friends."
"The sports clubs and societies are well established with room to form new ones too. It's not always easy for some clubs to obtain funding due to the research focused nature of the university but all clubs are reasonably well facilitated."


"So much choice. From fencing to rock climbing to Welsh to swimming to scuba diving to URNU. There is so much choice and opportunity and the university is very good at giving everyone a chance."
"Cardiff University offers an eclectic mix of sports clubs and societies. Not only does it boast strong teams in football, rugby, cricket, tennis, hockey and rowing, it also provides opportunities in less well known sports such as korfball, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee. If you aren't the sporting type, then there's no need to worry. From real ale drinking, to hiking, to Harry Potter, there's a society for anyone and everyone to feel a part of."
"There's a good amount of varying activities and sports from rugby teams to radio shows and tv opportunities."
"Huge number of societies and sport clubs with usually extremely well certified instructors. For example, CUTKD (Cardiff uni taekwondo) club is lead and instructed by 6th degree black belt master Mr. Dean Matthews, who is the trainer of the Welsh national taekwondo squad."
"Very diverse selection of societies. Things such as archery, kayaking, mountaineering, skydiving, and tabletop gaming. Along with the usual selection of any sport conceivable, from rugby to ultimate frisbee."
"Can get quite lonely/homesick at uni. But the counselling facilities are amazing and really helpful, there's a night-line as well so there's always someone to talk to."
"There are so many different social activities you can do. Lots of societies that the university acknowledges by taking Wednesday afternoon off lectures and seminars etc so there is time to enjoy them. First year in halls allows a lot of socialising and getting to know people. There's always events you can go to."
"There are hundreds of societies available, so there's something to suit anyone. Lots of team sports as well as more extreme ones. There are many musical societies and most courses have a society (eg history society, chemistry society, etc) for you to get to know people on your course. There are also lots of other societies. Anything from the baking society to the sci-fi and fantasy society."
"200 societies of every type. Plus sports societies for everything. You're welcome anywhere, be it competitive or casual. Lots of chances to 'give it a go' with their scheme. Plenty of socials to have fun at and they generally all culminate in the SU on a Wednesday. So much fancy dress, it's great. There is not a bad thing about any of the social aspects apart from maybe that the gym which most non-first years use is quite small."
"There's a wide range of sports, academic, political, and social societies. So there is bound to be something you will want to join. For people who want to play less serious sports, many courses have their own separate netball, rugby or football clubs which play against the other courses but are not as intense as the university teams."

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