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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Our course careers advisor runs weekly CV drop in sessions to help with job applications and general CV setup. The careers fairs are run a few times a year and there are usually one or two subject specific ones, allowing you to speak to potential employers. Some companies have guest lecturers discussing the opportunities available within their workplace and how to go about the application process."
"There are a lot of career fairs which keep taking place in the uni. Since I am studying business we have a lot of events in business school which provides an opportunity to network with employees and increase the chances of employment. The jobshop at Student Union provides a lot of one day and weekly jobs, the business school has a work with placement programme. There are a lot of opportunities which are available and I am glad to be a part of my uni."
"Where I have looked for part time work, the job shop has been helpful in providing me updates continuously. Also, when trying to find work experience or a summer internship, where I have been looked for advice I have been able to find it. However, I feel as though I could be made aware of the various employers out there within my field of interest – I feel I am at a loss here."
"Very good career service for applications. Drop-ins are available almost on a daily basis. Skills development service delivers free, or very low cost workshops to help with employability. The employers that present and recruit on campus are very well known."
"The school of geography and planning sends around an abundant and wide range of career and work experience opportunities. This is very helpful as it can sometimes be difficult to know where to begin in applying for jobs. The careers fair is also a great place to engage with prospective employers and for students to envision where they may wish to work after graduation."
"There are lots of ways to talk to someone if you are unsure about work after uni, or if you're considering dropping out. They are supportive and there are so many people to contact with a wide range of issues."
"The student union has a careers and employability department who give information about careers fairs, networking opportunities, and job/experience opportunities. There is also a skills development service at the student union who offer courses on personal effectiveness, communication skills and leadership skills."
"The support I've had from careers services has been great. I have also signed up to just about everything possible, so that has provided me with more support also. The alumni network is something that is underrated, it's really helpful to have first-hand experience from a range of individuals. Fairs and on-campus recruitment are ideal, as they have come to you."
"The careers service is AMAZING, they are so in touch with the graduate job market and will give you any help and advice you need. Vast range of employers visit campus so whatever you're looking for you'll be satisfied. LinkedIn has a very extensive alumni network and there are a multitude of employer workshops to help the recruitment process."
"Compulsory CV writing sessions with advice on networks such as LinkedIn. There are often company talks or stands around the buildings offering advice to third year students looking for graduate employment."

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