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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"You meet interesting people and the atmosphere is always good."
"The tutors and courses are really great!"
"Small classes and lectures mean there can be a lot of focus on each student's academic achievement."
"I am in a vibrant city that can offer a peaceful rural experience as well as city life. I have some exceptional lecturers that will go out of their way to help me."
"How nice the buildings are and how willing the lecturers are to help."
"The course and campus facilities are great. There's loads of societies and amazing facilities provided that are easy to access."
"The university has a lot on offer for students and the student life as well as a lot of good facilities."
"Big enough that you are able to meet new people and see new faces on campus every day, but still small enough that you will also see a familiar face."
"Nice campus near to the city centre. Uni buses will take you to town, the uni campuses and halls of residence. Nice cafes and restaurants on site as well as a big library."
"My lecturers are all very passionate about teaching."

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