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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Campus is not located very centrally but is close enough to the centre. The science building needs renovating but the management and art buildings are modern and very nice to be in. Facilities are limited but improving."
"The campus can be hard to reach but it's nice that it has everything on it."
"It's not very close to town but has good bus connections."
"The Llandaff campus gym is not great, especially compared to the one in Cyncoed. Unless you're at Cyncoed campus there are minimal activities. The location is rather nice for a university however."
"Llandaff is lovely! Everything's of a high standard but the food is expensive. Plas Gwyn was nice if you were in a renovated block, but it was very far from town."
"In a lovely scenic location and close to a lot of shops, bars and restaurants etc. It's really handy for public transport and closely situated to first-year halls."
"The location of the university is great for everyone, it has bus stops and shops such as Tesco right outside, which is convenient. Student accommodation is close to the campus too."
"All of it is fairly close by and very nice. There are lots of things to do while still being small enough to walk about."
"The university is a 10 minute drive from the city centre and there's a bus that comes onto campus and is easy to take. The campus is spacious and provides all the necessary facilities. The facilities are in pristine condition and all the staff are very friendly. Student accommodation is good and the kitchen and halls get cleaned once every week."
"The campuses are high-end with excellent facilities from sports to dance studios. We're in a prime area in the heart of Cardiff."

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