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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Elements of the uni are sometimes not very well organised."
"The variety of books in the library isn't very good. The student's union seems a little too focused on partying and doesn't do much to encourage students to be vocal about current affairs etc."
"The career guidance isn't as good as what I've heard friends at other unis have."
"Parking facilities are poor."
"The halls are too far away to walk to and the bus passes cost too much."
"Its location is a long walk from the main student housing area."
"Some members of staff have been known to communicate with students in a patronising way."
"The SU is too small."
"Some lecturers need to communicate a bit better."
"Lecturers are hit and miss in the quality of their teaching."
"Some lecturers don't have great personal skills. As a mature student, it's frustrating to be spoken to like a child."

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