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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"We have absolutely everything we need on campus. The students' union is amazing and the lecturers are good."
"The university helps students to come out with good grades."
"The best part about attending Brunel University is the large library and online databases of information that can be freely accessed by students. It is a great privilege to use such information whether it is for business, academic purposes or even insightful journalist sources."
"The lecturers are very hands-on in terms of education. There's an excellent careers service and support. The students are incredibly helpful and friendly and we have a very accessible campus."


"The campus is pleasant and everything feels close together."
"One of the best things about going here is the fact that you get to meet and socialise with people of different cultures. You're also able to sign up to a variety of clubs and societies offered by the students' union."
"The equipment provided in the workshops and special guest lectures from renowned design companies."
"We're close to London and there's a nice, friendly feel to the university."
"The amazing, comfortable, cosy and welcoming campus is in a peaceful area offering everything you need. The overall atmosphere is relaxed, although always active with a variety of different things happening on campus. The library is also open 24/7 throughout the year."
"A degree from the uni is respected by employers and there are close links with people in industry."
"The course, the level of student support and the social life here."
"Everything can be found on one campus."
"The career pathway support as well as the events, activities and social life."

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