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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.2 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The nightlife is pretty dead here in Uxbridge."
"There are clubs, pubs and bars on campus that are close to city centres."
"Many pubs here are not very nice as they smell like old beer and don’t have music. The uni's club is overpriced. Liquid is okay on Wednesdays but there are old people there on Fridays."
"The uni has a bar on campus that turns into a club at night, which seems handy."
"There is only one nightclub off campus, which only does one student night a week. There's also one club on campus, which is often empty on prime nights such as Fridays and Saturdays."


"There's only one local club so not much to do in town. There are good restaurants though and a wide variety of those are open until late."
"You can go to the cinema, eat at restaurants or fast food joints and go clubbing."
"Liquid is good for sports teams on Wednesdays, that's about it though."
"Liquid and Envy are good for a night out."
"Bars, pubs, a nightclub, restaurants, the mall and high street shopping."
"Liquid and some good pubs. There's not a lot here but there is plenty to do in London."
"There's only one club with only one student night per week. There's a lack of choice locally, you need to go to Watford or central London for something different."
"We have one club and a couple of pubs."
"There's shopping, restaurants and a leisure activities centre."

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