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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
5.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The size of the campus means that there aren’t many places to socialise there."
"The location of the uni is good as it's 40 minutes away from London by tube and five minutes from Uxbridge by bus. There's a Costcutter on campus and a Lidl close by. Student accommodation is good but the ovens, fridges and freezers are old and basic. There isn't enough space in the fridge for everyone as ten people need to share a small fridge and a small freezer. The library is good (but the computers are pretty old) and the gym is nice."
"We're a mile away from Uxbridge station, which is way too far to expect someone to walk."
"The town of Uxbridge is nice and about a ten-minute walk from the uni. There's one nightclub in the town that has a student night every Wednesday. The campus has a Costa and Starbucks, which are nice and open 24/7. The food court/cafeteria is good but feels a lot like a school cafeteria and isn't very comfy to sit in. Locos, the on-campus bar, is nice and has events on most days, which is really good and the best thing to do on campus. There isn't so much to do during the day so a lot of people living on campus go home on weekends or go to other friends at different unis."
"The location of Brunel is a half-hour walk away from Uxbridge town centre and is located near Aldi. In terms of facilities, the university has an indoor athletics centre that students can utilise for the purpose of keeping fit. There are also several places for entertainment located near town or within the campus."


"There's not much to do socially. However, the campus is well situated and close to the town with a nice atmosphere."
"I live on campus in student accommodation with an ensuite. We all share a self-catered kitchen with a few items that the uni provides including a kettle, iron and board etc. The uni has been designed so that all (or at least most) facilities can be accessed on campus, eg shops, restaurants, library, lecture centres and gym etc. The good thing about this is that all these facilities are very close (less than a 10 minute walk) to our accommodation. The Uxbridge town centre is a five minute bus ride or 20 minute walk from campus."
"The campus is a mix of modern and traditional buildings. I especially loved living in the Bishop Complex!"
"We're on the outskirts of London, only a tube journey away from central. It's a nice campus, not too big and all close together. There's a lot of student accommodation, which is of varying quality but mostly good."
"It's close enough to London to get in and out, but it can be a very long way back from a night out."
"It's convenient if you want to visit London from time to time. The campus is not very interesting to look at but I really cannot complain about the sports facilities as a lot of effort is put in to maintaining and improving them. Student accommodation depends on which halls you live in but they are very good overall."
"It's in an excellent location with the town providing everything you need. Although it's not in central London, it's not located too remotely and is not cut off from the rest of the world. Brunel's campus offers the feeling of a student community and campus without being cut off from the city. There is always a chance to engage with other students through sport clubs or societies."
"Uxbridge is small but has everything you need. Also, being on the doorstep of London makes up for any lack."
"We're on a really nice campus that's well connected to central London."
"The location is great. Central London is easily accessible and accommodation is good but fairly basic."

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