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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"The university focuses on getting people from Asia (mainly India, Pakistan and China). The rest of the world doesn't get focused on as much."
"I don't think that diversity is an issue for Brunel. There are lots of students from all backgrounds, which is refreshing."


"More could be done to include other cultures but there are often world events for different backgrounds."
"Yes, definitely. Our university is a multicultural one. We have events that celebrate different cultures and religions and we have societies of different faiths and ethnic backgrounds that also put on their own events."
"Having studied at Brunel, I have met friends from all across the world."
"It promotes diversity and is proud of its diverse students."
"The Islamic society is a very strong group here and the Chinese society is so big that they could accommodate a whole complex by themselves."
"We celebrate One World Week and have loads of different societies dedicated to many cultures and religions etc on campus. There are also English speaking/writing classes and other support for international students as well as a variety of languages on offer for any student at any level to learn during term time for free. Teachers also come from a variety of different backgrounds."
"It definitely attracts international students: there's a special college offering pre-sessional English courses. We also have the annual One World Week celebrating the diversity of the student and staff body."
"The uni accepts many foreign students and is culturally welcoming."

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