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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"The clubs and societies are quite diverse and the law society is particularly well organised."
"The sports clubs are really good at Brunel but I don't think they support each other as much as they should."
"Most sports clubs are advertised well in the careers fair but not all stand out."
"There are lots of sports clubs and societies on campus. As great as they all are, you can end up short of things to do if you don't have the funds for the kit fees, joining fee or membership. Also, if you're not into sports, there isn't much choice. The creative centre, that does all kinds of arts courses free for students, is great!"
"Besides the gym and social places located near the Bannerman Centre (the library is located there too), there are a large number of clubs for reasons of amusement or politics and religious or cultural organisations."


"More awareness is needed of social activities, perhaps through posters or tannoys in the students' union."
"Life is great at Brunel if you are involved within a society that likes to set up events weekly. Football, for example: we would play a match and train once a week, then have intramural matches too! Other than that we would have social events in the students' union and tournaments outside of England."
"Sports clubs are very good. The 1st netball team came second in the country."
"The students' union is very welcoming and always tries to accommodate for every person's interests and hobbies. The prices for the sports clubs are too steep for me, however, going up to around £100 per term. Plus, I don't like that the sports insurance is an added £30 or so."
"Loads of different sports and other societies though almost all are paid memberships. Average society memberships are at £5 or less and sports centre membership is about £40. There is also an arts centre with music, pottery, painting, singing, writing classes/workshops, where membership for the centre is about £20. A lot of societies, especially sports ones, run their sessions quite late into the evening so as to find a suitable free time for everyone after lectures and also not clash with any weekend jobs. However, many students living off campus find these later timings inconvenient and thus do not engage as much. All societies welcome people of all abilities from novices to experts in the relative field and everyone is welcome to join in no matter what their degree is. It's also pretty easy to set up a new society if what we have on offer isn't to your interest. Societies and committees are also rewarded for their efforts at the end of the year. Helping run a society teaches you a lot about student and work politics as well as helping to develop your skills and confidence."
"Huge range of societies from sport to music to circus skills."
"Different options to participate in sports: clubs, informal sessions, intramural etc. Many societies to choose from, easy to find something you're interested in although union strongly focused on sports."

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