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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service is available most of the time and the staff are incredibly friendly and helpful. They are great in helping people to get work experience and aiding students who need help with CVs and covering letters."
"Every placement or work experience that the uni might have available is not for everyone. There aren't many good opportunities during the year but these pick up during summer."
"We mostly have career fairs on campus where students can go to ask questions. Students are also welcome to visit the professional development career centre where they can enquire about jobs and can get put on placements. We also have a programme for first-year students that allows them to go for paid internships during the summer holidays."
"Placements and work experience are available to those who opt in but they also advertise through brand ambassadors. The careers service is well organised and big companies hold stands in the careers fair as well as giving lectures and speeches to those who are interested."
"There have been a few lectures on job prospects and CV work. Various employers present and recruit on campus (from Victoria's Secret to Lidl) and there are lots of companies who present at job fairs put on by Brunel every term. This allows students to find out about internships and placements."
"There's a wide range of speakers, placement support and workshops on job finding."


"I have had help with my CV from the careers service, which was very good and insightful and gave me some tips on what employers look for. The fairs are more for generating ideas of what you want to do as a career."
"The maths department often organises careers events and there are recruitment fairs every year for the different student levels where different companies and graduates are invited to come to the uni. These events are largely supported by our placement and careers centre; they have given me advice and support on writing my CV and cover letter and possible career options I could go for."
"They've given help on how to construct and tailor your CV and portfolio for different companies."
"They frequently set up career/networking events for us, but they're not very well attended. The Professional Development Centre is a bit disappointing as well as it's a whole floor but careers advisers are always fully booked."
"There are loads of networking, careers and alumni fairs throughout the year. Full support is available for interviews and assessment centre practice is offered."
"The careers service is great and helped me to get a placement."
"My course offers a placement year, which is definitely the best aspect of my course. The careers service offers mock interviews and CV reviews and other types of support to secure placements. However, there's not as much help to secure other internships, vacation schemes or training contracts. There are no campus visits from law firms or other employers, though we do have an insight evening organised with the careers service."
"The support I've received from the careers service has been incredibly helpful."

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