Bristol, University of the West of England


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"Meeting people and making new friends from other countries."
"It's very diverse and lots of help is offered."
"Great city location with good facilities for nursing. Nurses and AHP live together in halls so everyone was sympathetic while on placement."
"The location, the course variety, the amount of career support services offered and the fact that the uni is constantly growing."
"How diverse it is in terms of having many students from around the globe."
"Tons of facilities and good academic staff."
"It's a lovely campus with lots of social events, a big library and knowledgeable staff."
"Good social activities."
"The course fits perfectly into what I want to do in my career and, due to the size of my course, all contact with my tutors is quite personal. Furthermore, I can easily contact my tutors whenever I need to."
"They have an amazing law library, everyone is friendly and approachable and the lecturers are passionate about what they do."

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