Bristol, University of the West of England

Careers services

Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"As I'm only in my second year, not much has been discussed about employment yet. That said, we have been encouraged since day one to create a portfolio and I believe more help is due to come in our final year."
"Good careers advice centre. There's major encouragement to build your CV and do a work placement. The network of graduate employers associated with the university is also good."
"There are careers advisers, placement assistants, career development programmes, mentor schemes and employer fairs."
"A variety of workshops and talks were organised to help us prepare better for the future."
"Lots of fairs and a really good employability service."
"I've had the opportunity to join some programmes that give you a chance to go on a placement."

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