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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
9.1 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"There are different clubs open every night of the week and there are many bars and restaurants. The BIC is popular for concerts and shows."
"There are lots of clubs and bars that cater to different tastes."
"There are lots of clubs but we need more cool bars."
"We have many clubs and pubs available and there are lots of societies for those not interested in clubbing."


"There's a range of clubs, night time venues, bars and restaurants. If you're into clubbing, you're likely to find somewhere you like."
"There's something on every night of the week, which is good. Events are good but the main nights can get repetitive. It would be good to have a few more alternatives and some more decent bars."
"There's a lot of choice with a different club's student night on every night of the week. There's a range of cheap and more pricey bars/clubs."
"Nightlife is active. There's also water sports and other sports and beach activities. We have a beautiful countryside nearby."
"There are loads of pubs and nightclubs that have a range of music to suit everyone's taste."
"There are so many clubs and bars that you can find what you're into regardless of what it is. There are major ones that play the current pop/club/dance music and some others have multiple rooms with alternative, urban or cheese music so you can always find something for you."
"Lots of clubs and bars are very good and there is a lot of stuff to do during the day like going to the aquarium or beach."
"It's a town for students and families so there's a lot of variety such as the beach, oceanarium, clubs and bars on every corner, cheap buses to tourist sites in Dorset and so many different places to eat."
"A rather wide variety of nightclubs with other opportunities for daytime activities such as mini golf or the easy access to the beach/sea."
"There are a lot of bars you can go to and there are several bigger nightclubs too. The most popular would be Halo and Cameo on their selected nights that are aimed at students. A Wednesday night is always really good. A lot of students go out on these nights and you always see people out on any night of the week, which is why the nightlife is so good. There is so much variety for every type of person."

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