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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.4 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The university itself is quite far from the town centre and is in a mainly residential area so you have to travel to be able to do anything but there are shops on campus, which is useful. There is a lot to do in the centre of Bournemouth and the beach is nice. Student accommodation was limited in my first year and many people were not able to stay in halls, although a new block has halls that have just been built for new students this year."
"There are lots of activities to do and we're in a nice area."
"We have the beach, clubs, lots of gyms and other small facilities at the uni."
"It's a great area with great facilities, though some things can be expensive."
"I would have preferred a more rural location but appreciate the beach and heathlands. Our campus is always building new buildings with innovative landscaping. We have great facilities but no swimming pools and the student accommodation is well priced with lots of choice."


"Bournemouth is a great town. More work should be done to bridge the halls together more and include those that live at home or are in unilets. Facilities are great overall although the library technobooths are in serious need of upgrade/repair."
"It's on the coast, except the uni itself is about a 40 minute walk from the beach and town centre. Halls are located closer to the town on the Landsdowne campus with a bus service to the main Talbot campus. Most non-first years live in residential areas within walking distance of the main campus."
"The campus is great but, as it is in Poole, it is quite far from Bournemouth town centre and the nightlife. However, the student accommodation is amazing and a bus card is included in the accommodation price. I love the area it's in, if it had been in the town centre it would have been hard to find reasonably priced accommodation after halls of residence."
"The campus is really nice. Some of the facilities could be improved and a lot of the buildings aren't really that practical for what students need but the first year student accommodation was good."
"The town is good with a nice beach. Some facilities are old and need to be tended to, though."
"It's easy to get to. The main campus has very good facilities compared to the satellite campus."
"It's in a great place and you can get the free university bus anywhere."
"The main campus (Talbot) is 20 mins away from the town centre with multiple bus links so it's well located. Accommodation is 10 mins away from the main campus."
"The location is great. I love the accommodation as it's clean and I'm near the beach and the town centre. There are so many opportunities on campus, the library and gym are perfect for usage."
"Good location with plenty of student housing. It's a rather expensive area to live in and student houses are generally of a worse quality than the average home."
"The location of the university is perfect. The student accommodation (halls of residence) are based towards the town centre, which I really like as it makes it easy to find your way around the town and pick up the places you like to go in the first year. The university is a little further out but offers a really good bus scheme to get to and from the campus. The campus itself is perfect and has everything you need to study. The library is extremely good and spacious. The student centre as well (SUBU) is a really good building to do group assignments and sit in between lectures."

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