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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"I think the level of diversity speaks for the university's ability."
"I don't really see a lot of people from Middle Eastern or similar backgrounds but I've met a lot of people who are studying here from Europe. I think the uni could do more to demonstrate that everyone is welcome to attend from around the world."
"I've only been here a year so far and I've met a whole range of people in terms of their backgrounds, nationality, race and religion etc."
"I would say that BU is very diverse and offers lots of support for everyone. This can be in the form of financial aid or international student support."
"I have made a lot of friends at university who come from all sorts of backgrounds."
"They have created societies for different ethnic groups plus a big group for all foreign students in which they create activities to get to know each other and their cultures. The uni also provides help to foreign students who struggle with school work or with their social life."


"Definitely in the case of international students. I know that BU made it into a list of one of the most international universities recently and its culture of promoting diversity reflects this."
"I think the uni is very diverse with students coming to BU from all over the world. They do a lot of exchange programmes to build up relations with foreign unis too."
"There are many international students who are catered for to make sure they're settling in okay."
"Aside from economical aspects it is very good. I think it's too expensive for a lot of (non EU) international students though."
"There are many international students and it is a diverse population. There is a community feel and it's easy to integrate regardless of your background."
"I believe the university does do quite a lot to cater for people's backgrounds."
"The student's union has a special night out for international students during fresher's week. They mix the international students perfectly with UK students so everyone gets along and mingles."
"A very active LGBT society and clubs for a variety of ethnic groups."

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