Bournemouth University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"There's no parking available for students."
"The campus is not as pretty as I'd like."
"I haven't had much feedback on my course."
"I once took a module where the lecturer turned up to the first lecture an hour late. After a couple of lectures in this module, we were given a different lecturer who was a PhD student who had to write the lectures as we were going along. No university staff ever came to observe the lectures to see if they were doing a good job."


"The number of students accepted onto my course has doubled since I started yet there hasn't been employment of enough new lecturers to reflect that change. This means I have less opportunities for tutorials and contact time than I did in my first year."
"Not as prestigious as other universities and the town stops being exciting after a while."
"It's still a relatively new university so doesn't quite get the recognition it deserves across the board yet."
"There's a lack of resources university wide. Library opening hours could be longer and the food, printing and shop are very expensive."
"There can be a lot of tourism during the Summmer months."
"They're trying hard to climb university leaderboards and it can sometimes look like this is more important to them than student satisfaction."
"Being on a satellite campus that doesn't have the same feeling of university life."
"The campus can seem a little too small sometimes, such as space in the library etc. But that's usually only during exam season."
"Lack of variety in the canteen. There could be more cultural options."
"There could be more events to help English and international students mix."

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