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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"Many courses at Bournemouth University are placement sandwich courses and each seminar group has their own academic advisor and placement tutor. We often have guest lecturers from companies and networking events and employment fairs."
"We get some support but placement opportunities are limited and can feel rather poor at times."
"The careers service gives you help during your placement year, offers CV checks and connects you with employers."


"I found my placement independently but they did take a look at my CV and gave some great advice! With the experience I already have I feel confident going into the job market as I know I have more work experience that students from other unis. There are job fairs on campus with a wide range of employers and often have past students and both big corporations (like Sky) and smaller local businesses coming in to do talks."
"I haven't really used the careers service much except to check a CV but they put in effort to give us lectures on what they can do for us and how to secure placements. They also run career and job fairs and talks from alumni who are doing well in their fields. There is also a career hub online for students and we sometimes get emails about job prospects."
"Careers are really helpful in getting us placements for our year out."
"Careers service are good for general advice, less so for more specific circumstances or expertise. Employers are of a great level and they're looking for graduates, which is really good. Alumni contacts are also great."
"There are many opportunities given to us. We have guest lecturers come in from the industry to talk about our course and their work. There is often time to talk to them, which can end up in collaboration. There is also a 'meet the professionals' event, which I think is amazing. It features almost 20 current industry members from producers to editors to ex- students. I've gotten work experience from being able to talk to them and it's also a good way to ask those questions that are relevant to the area you want to go into."
"The career services were very good when I was looking for a placement."
"During the fresher's fair there are so many opportunities to find a job and there's a careers office in SUBU that can help as well."
"The careers services have been great with an annual careers fair that's very useful. They have teams in the library for careers advice such as CV, interview and assessment centre support."
"There has been a lot of support since the beginning regarding careers and prepping you for the future. In the second week we had a three hour workshop on employability and how to make yourself stand out with invaluable tips. There are always emails going round regarding events on campus from a whole host of different markets too."
"We have interactions with the industry."

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