Birmingham City University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"It is close to the city centre and the shopping centre is just across the road from the university. We also have a really good library."
"The school I was a part of was amazing and made us all feel like we were important. Everyone was always around to help even if they weren't teaching you."
"There's great pastoral support from lecturers and personal tutors, and lecturers are enthusiastic about the course itself. We're able to gain good employment skills for a future in business."
"There are various events both on and around the campus."
"Nightlife is great and quite diverse. There are many opportunities possible to improve my time here."
"There's great support for students in every aspect and the university is especially friendly to international students."
"The best thing about my university experience was the job prospects they offered. I gained valuable work experience while working as a student outreach ambassador for the university."
"Birmingham has a lot going on: it's cheap to live here and the university building is amazing and has great equipment."
"There's a lot of easy access to good resources."
"The learning experience is great, with supportive staff to help you along the way. There are also social activities throughout the year, making university life not only about books, books and more books."

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