Birmingham City University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"We're in a busy part of the city and very close to major roads so going to and from the campus is very hectic."
"The university is right in the city centre of Birmingham. We have a lovely campus and loads of places to relax and study."
"The location is in the centre of Birmingham. The campus itself is roughly a ten-minute walk away, which is convenient for shopping and eating out. I live locally so I cannot really comment on accommodation but I've heard that it's quite nice."
"Birmingham is a very big city and very convenient in terms of the amount of shops and transport links available."
"The campus facilities are amazing. The Curzon building is very modern and colourful and, although it's easy to get lost at first, you can quickly learn your way about."
"Birmingham is a great city. It would be better to have more student accommodation available in the city centre at more affordable prices though."
"The city centre makes accommodation scarce and you have to pay for parking."
"It's a modern campus in the city centre. However, because it's so new, it doesn't feel like a campus. It's basically just three buildings next to each other. Compared to other unis, there isn't a lot of space outside to hang out in."
"It's a Birmingham city centre location within walking distance from major transport links. We have brand new buildings and facilities."
"It's close to the train station and everything is easily accessible."

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