Birmingham City University

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"Yes, it does quite a lot! BCU attracts students from many different countries and cultures. There are lots of opportunities to practice your faith and to join different cultural societies too."
"Yes, I think it does. There are a lot of international students that all get the help they need and there are a range of different cultures and people from all different parts of the country. You get to know a large range of people who will become your friends for life including people from different countries and people who commute."
"Birmingham has loads of people from non-UK countries and celebrates different cultures and events."
"I think that, although they try to cater for all backgrounds, they don't cover them properly. They tend to focus on one or two groups in particular but don't exactly hinder other groups who decide to create a society or club etc. They also have a buddy system for international students so that they can have somebody to talk to and explain certain things to them if they don't understand. This is also helpful as it means they have someone to show them around and help them become more included within both the social and educational aspects of uni. However, this doesn't always work and sometimes international students still seem to sit on the outside when it comes to social activities."
"There's a wide range of international students who interact well with each other."
"Yes, the university offers diverse societies."
"I think it does. I've seen a lot of students from different countries who get accommodation nearby and are checked on a lot."
"The university has many different societies including the Islamic Society, Sikh Society, and many more. This way, students can experience a wide range of cultures and backgrounds."

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