Birmingham City University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Traffic can be very heavy on the roads around the university campus."
"Very limited parking is offered by the university."
"There's a lack of facilities available and computers are often fully booked. There's not enough seating around campus when waiting for lectures to start and there's a lack of communication between the transition of staff."
"It can sometimes feel that there is not as much guidance as there could be."
"Crowded IT rooms with poor temperature controls (it's either too cold or too hot)."
"When I first started the course they didn't have a teacher set up for one of the modules because she was on sick leave. The substitute that they brought in was a poor choice and didn't really help at all."
"The campus shops are very expensive."
"I wish I had better financial support and information about accommodation."
"The workload in the first and second year of my course was not high enough and the teaching was not engaging."
"Some of the tutors teach in a manner that can be hard to understand."

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