Bath Spa University

Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.9 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Plenty of different kinds of clubs. There is also an old-fashioned cinema, museums, history to explore and scenic places to be with thriving festivals happening throughout the year."
"There are a couple of good night clubs that are all relatively affordable as well as several good bars and pubs."
"Gym, markets, shopping, Christmas events (ice skating) and Roman baths etc for tourists."
"Pubs, clubs and tourist attractions, like Roman baths."
"There are clubs and bars."
"Bath is great for a night out as it is varied and safe as cities go. There are a variety of club nights with different themes etc to suit all tastes. Bristol is also close and easy to get to and they have a great night life there, including good gigs of different types."
"There is a club to go to every night. Really big nights depend on the university you attend, but you can find something every day no matter where you are. There are also shops etc."
"Lots of choice and you're unlikely to run into trouble in Bath."
"Good clubs, bars and shops."
"It's good for a small city."

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