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What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The support provided by the university in terms of mental health comes to mind. However, what really attracted me to Aston (and is still a huge attraction to me) is the community feel. Everyone seems to know each other and it feels like a big family."
"It's easy to find your way around and all lectures are in one building. The university is in the middle of the city centre so it's close to shops, food places and the nightlife. There are lots of green areas and trees around even with its city centre location. There are also plenty of clubs and societies to get involved in."
"The course is very varied and the teaching is great. The campus is in the heart of the city, making it very convenient, and the transport links are good."
"The lecturers are amazing and very passionate about what they teach. We're also assigned a personal tutor who is there for us when we need help regarding coursework or personal issues. Also, the way in which they assess us is very convenient as it's mostly via an online learning tool."
"Lecturers and tutors are helpful and always have time if you're unsure or need any extra help. It's a fairly small university, so everything is on campus and easy to access. Halls are very close to lectures, which is very convenient, and the university is close to the town centre."
"The best thing about attending my university is the variety of facilities and services offered by my university despite being a small campus. For example: there's a range of facilities such as a library with computer desks, a careers and placements team and much more. Another great thing about my university is that there is a job shop where students can gain support in finding a part-time job. There is also an MLK faith centre that students can visit any time and share their thoughts and worries with a counsellor."
"The recognition and reputation it has in the business community."
"There are good teachers and an excellent atmosphere around campus. The university gives you the feeling of being close to all your friends while still having access to the city centre, which is fantastic. At the same time, since it's a small university, you know almost everyone and your teachers take the time to develop you."
"There are great opportunities to network and get support for future employment."
"Aston Replay is great as it gives us the ability to watch lectures online after the timetabled session. I also like the maths drop-in in the library."


"Panopto is a really helpful online lecture recording system and we get great support during our final year dissertations. The atmosphere is great and the location offers many local places to eat in."
"We have a good library and some of the lecturers are really great!"
"It's well respected with a strong community feel. There are many different opportunities to develop yourself and dedicated staff who look after your academic well-being."
"Aston University is a close-knit community where everyone knows everyone! It's very hard not to make friends as the campus and accommodation are in the same place. You also get to meet a wide range of people from different cultures. The social life is amazing and it's just a short walk to Broad St."
"The campus is not too big and not too small. The buildings aren't very far from each other and it's very close to the Birmingham central shopping centre. There are so many good societies to join and meet new people."
"It's not too far. The university has many different events and societies going on."
"It's a small uni so it's easy to get help but it's also in the city centre of Birmingham so you are very close to everything. Lecture quality is really good here."
"The help you receive from staff and the leaders of modules and courses."
"I was able to go on a great placement year."
"It's very multicultural, which adds to the range of societies available to join. Also, the university is in the centre of Birmingham and therefore has lots of shops. Our central library is within walking distance and there's easy access to the university with the majority of transport going to Birmingham."

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