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How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
6.8 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"Campus has a pub and two main student bars that are very affordable as well as not being too far from the city centre for night life."
"There are many nightclubs around Aston and there's even the on-campus B4Bar which has great student-priced drinks and a nice atmosphere. Broad Street is also close by and is a student favourite as it is basically a strip of good nightclubs and bars."
"There is a local pub (Gosta Green) very close to campus where students can hang out during the day and night. It's also very close to the centre of town where all of the clubs and bars are."
"There's Broad Street ten minutes away (or £4 by Uber), which has all the bars and clubs where most people head on a night out. There's also the pub Gosta Green right on campus that does a popular club night every Monday."
"There are a lot of themed clubs that suit all kinds of people. Each club has a certain music genre and decor to match those people. Some clubs consist of multiple large rooms with each room representing a different genre."
"The nightlife is immense, especially if you're a party animal. There are always events on campus at the students' union and Gosta pub. Gosta turns into a club every Monday with cheap entrance, making it a very ideal night. Broad Street is also up the road, which includes some of the main clubs such as Players, Rosie's and Pryzm. These all have regular student nights and guests."
"Birmingham is well known for its vibrant nightlife and there are plenty of pubs and nightclubs on Broad Street. There are also escape rooms, museums and plenty of restaurants."
"There are hundreds of pubs and bars ranging from specialist venues for ales to cocktails and clubs for every music taste. Birmingham also boasts an excellent gay village so there really is something for everyone."
"Broad Street is host to many clubs that are very popular. There is also a Wetherspoons that is great for cheap food and drink with your mates. There is a big music scene both in terms of well-known artists but also in the underground, up-and-coming scene. From events at the Birmingham Conservatoire to Neighbourhood (running every first Monday of the month) in Digbeth, there is a multitude of places for music lovers to go. Digbeth Dining Club offers a really good experience for food lovers with both street food and music. There are many other events for food lovers to attend as well as an eclectic mix from various cultures."


"There's lots to do in Birmingham such as the cinema, restaurants, bars and clubs."
"Bars, pubs, clubs, sheesh bars and food places."
"You can go to cinemas and clubs in the town."
"I'm quite new but I've heard that it's good."
"You have the whole of Birmingham. It's incredible!"
"There are clubs, bars, paintballing, cinemas, laser tag, football, bowling and anything else you might need really."
"There are lots of shops, bars and clubs etc in Birmingham. This compensates slightly for the fact that the union isn't very active."
"It's a fairly busy student city."
"Broad Street has plenty of restaurants and clubs that you can go to."
"There are lots of clubs and restaurants around."

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