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Night life
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(based on ratings in 2016)


"The nightlife is very good as there are clubs about a 20-minute walk away (or a five-minute taxi), which is cheap if you share between friends. There are also several pubs nearby."
"We have a wide range. There's Broad Street, which is famous for its nightlife options with some of the biggest names when it comes to nightclubs. The gay village and Digbeth also provide alternatives. There are plenty of pubs and quiz nights to attend. There's also Star City, which has a cinema (there are more around the city as well), laser tag and an arcade etc."
"Pryzm and Snobs are the places to be on a Thursday and tickets are student friendly. The students' union also has good nights and cheap drinks are a plus. Pubs are available and Gosta is a great place, wing Wednesday for the win!"
"The city has all sorts of pubs and clubs and most have student nights with cheap drinks and offers too. There's also a B4 Bar and Gosta Green on campus, the latter has just had a fab refurb and there's more of a chilled vibe as well as a fab beer garden, board games and pool tables. You can usually find events including live music, pub quizzes and live sport. Sacks of Potatoes is another pub on campus that seems to be aimed more at older drinkers but with good food offers. Digbeth is where you need to go for funky pubs and Broad Street has bars, clubs and pubs galore! Most nights end up in Players or Pryzm. Snobs is a good student night and The Mailbox and Brindley Place are a bit classier/more sophisticated/more expensive than Broad Street."
"There's a good range of clubs and student nights. Gosta is a very popular student night on a Monday for those after a relaxed night. Pryzm is a good club to go to, especially on a Friday or Saturday."
"There's lots to do for students with many pubs and clubs being within walking distance from the uni. Other activities, such as bowling, are also a short distance away."
"There's everything you could ask for including clubs and even loads of halal restaurants. We also have loads of shisha bars and the lovely Bullring shopping centre itself."
"We're in Birmingham city centre so you can find whatever you fancy. From nightclubs to rock pubs and gig venues, to cinemas, fancy restaurants and quirky coffee shops, all is available. There are some pedestrian areas to walk around in too, including by the canal. We also have a lot of shops and shopping centres for the die-hard consumerists as well."
"The students' union isn't always great at night but the city is better as it has good clubs including Gosta Green. There's also B4, which is good for a sports sesh, but expensive."
"You can find any kind of nightlife you might want and most clubs have different rooms with various music genres so there's something for everyone. Student nights are really fun and busy, plus they're cheap. There are loads of university societies including sports and charities to keep you entertained of an evening as well."


"There's lots to do in Birmingham such as the cinema, restaurants, bars and clubs."
"Bars, pubs, clubs, sheesh bars and food places."
"You can go to cinemas and clubs in the town."
"I'm quite new but I've heard that it's good."
"You have the whole of Birmingham. It's incredible!"
"There are clubs, bars, paintballing, cinemas, laser tag, football, bowling and anything else you might need really."
"There are lots of shops, bars and clubs etc in Birmingham. This compensates slightly for the fact that the union isn't very active."
"It's a fairly busy student city."
"Broad Street has plenty of restaurants and clubs that you can go to."
"There are lots of clubs and restaurants around."

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