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Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.
Location of university
8.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"The facilities such as lecture rooms are fine except the library is too small. The student accommodation is the thing I am satisfied with the most, but not all the accommodation buildings are as good as the one I am currently living in."
"The university is located near the city centre, which is very convenient. There are three rail stations nearby as well as buses and trams. There's a variety of shops for food but I think there should be more vegetarian options."
"The location is perfect as it's in the city centre and only a short walk from the train station, meaning students from all over the UK can get to university easily. Student accommodation is good and located close to the main building with all the facilities you need, such as laundry services."
"There are many facilities within the uni including a Subway, a Costa, a Starbucks and a cafeteria for students to access. We also have rooms such as the loft where students are able to relax and enjoy themselves and play pool within a relaxing environment that has sofas and vending machines for easy access."
"The location is literally perfect as it's so close to the city centre and train routes but is mostly quiet in the evening. It's also self contained so you don't really see strangers walking round campus. The facilities are okay. Not many people use the cafeteria but some people use the gym and pool. The accommodation is expensive but you expect it to be that way since it's in the city centre."
"There is a huge shopping centre nearby and everything on campus is within walking distance. Nothing is difficult to get to and all the facilities are great. There are lockers for commuting students to store all your belongings in, which is a brilliant idea."
"The campus is easy to navigate as there are signs that direct you to points of interest. It's well organised and clean and the ducks and geese offer some entertainment for those who like them. The rooms are sufficient in space and include your own bathroom and study desk. It's great, secure, and you'll never feel like an outsider. Restaurants, clubs, coffee shops and shopping centres can all be found here. The best thing is the train station only being a ten-minute walk."
"The campus is great, especially on summery days as there are a lot of green areas. This means that just about everyone is outside playing games and having barbecues. Additionally, facilities are ideal as they accommodate many types of sports."
"Because Aston University is at the heart of Birmingham city centre, there is a lot to do including restaurants, museums and shopping centres etc. The facilities at uni are readily available to students and easy to access, making daily life more enjoyable."
"The location of the university is actually quite accessible. It's really close to all three city centre stations (Moor Street, New Street and Snow Hill) and the city centre is definitely a key area for students as there are many things to do ranging from the vast array of restaurants to the vibrant nightlife. The university itself has no accommodation as the on-campus accommodation is externally owned, however the range of affordable and convenient student accommodation is plentiful and there is another currently being built. There are a lot of things to do during the day from shopping to visiting the library to visiting the museum and gallery. There are SeaWorld and Cadbury World to visit if you venture out a little further as well."


"Good location. Nice campus. Good facilities. Student accommodation is okay but going up in price and becoming expensive."
"The location is perfect with many places to eat and go shopping. We have an on-campus shop and the library has many resources available as well as different floors for different types of study. The sports centre is available to all for all sorts of sports such as basketball (although it can be a bit pricey to book the courts)."
"The town is vibrant and the nightlife is really good. Student accommodation is overpriced. The library is nice but there's not always enough space."
"Really close to the city centre and the station is so good for both commuting and the nightlife."
"It's a bustling city and not far from every convenience you might need. Being based in the city centre does raise all prices though."
"It's a good location and not far from the Bullring. The campus is also very nice."
"Everything is within a five minute walk. This includes lectures, accommodation, the gym and the library."
"It is very close to the city centre, which is a plus. The library has lots of resources and is very helpful."
"The location is great as it's in the city centre, as is the accommodation. However, the accommodation doesn't seem to be of a very high quality despite being only a few years old."
"The university is in central Birmingham. The campus is quite small in comparison to other universities, which I prefer as the library and my lectures are within walking distance. There are also various study spaces around the university."

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