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What interesting or little-known facts can you tell us about your firm?


"There are fruit trees (apple, pear and plum) all over campus and the fruit is collected from them and put in baskets in the students' union for people to take for free."
"The main building where all the teaching takes place is the largest functional brick building in Europe. We also have resident geese on campus that can be loud in the morning."
"Every year the Sikh Society organises Langar on campus, which is free food, and everyone is welcome to join."
"The campus is beautiful and has a lake with geese around it, which is perfect for summer days and nights. There are often events in the summer including BBQs, which are great for student mingling."
"It can be a very lively place on campus and everyone sits out on the green when the weather is warmer."
"There are about five compounds (blocks of flats) surrounding the campus built specifically for students, meaning you will always find a place to live even if it's not directly on campus."
"There are a lot of socials and extracurricular activities. One time last year my friends and I got to pet dogs while learning, which we found really cool."
"All students are encouraged to learn new languages during their time at Aston, with free courses in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish offered, which makes life at Aston more fun and enjoyable."

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