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Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"We have a diverse range of candidates in the SU elections and different events are promoted to show the diversity we have on campus."
"The university appeals to a wide range of people, from enticing foreign nationals on an international spectrum to displaying images of various cultured events and images."
"There is a lot of support for international students as well as a faith centre where people from different faith backgrounds can attend to their needs."
"There are a number of societies for different backgrounds and religions including a Hindu society, Chinese society and Afro Caribbean society etc."
"It definitely does and the range of events and facilities shows this. There are societies representative of different ethnic backgrounds and religions etc."
"Yes. Our university is very diverse as there's a mixture of UK and international students. There are also students from all backgrounds and you're likely to meet someone different every day."
"Aston University is very diverse with students coming from all over the globe. Students from all different backgrounds attend Aston and, if you need any financial help, there's a range of scholarships and bursaries available."
"Aston University has one of the most diverse campuses I have seen."
"Aston is characteristically diverse. It appears to go a long way in recruiting students from diverse cultural backgrounds. There are also quite a few people with disabilities and there are structures and services in place to help them so I think that's OK. Some LGBT-related students are here too but are less visible than other social groups. All in all, I think Aston is doing alright with diversity."
"There are societies for all different religions and loads of different cultures. There are also support groups for maths and English skills for foreign students and/or those who are struggling."


"I think it does. Birmingham is a very diverse area but has attracted many people from outside Birmingham, such as London and Bristol as well."
"There are many different nationalities represented at the university."
"It is exceptionally diverse at Aston. I have met people from all different backgrounds and religions and learned so much."
"I think the university could do more to attract a broader range of students. Many are from similar backgrounds."
"I've heard that it's known as the most diverse uni in the country."
"Yes, the university definitely does a lot."
"Yes, they allow international students and are constantly looking to recruit students from a wide range of backgrounds by providing scholarships for those with financial difficulties. They also visit schools with a diverse range of backgrounds (such as the one I attended) to talk about Aston University."

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