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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"The library needs more study spaces as it's rare to be able to find one during busy times, such as exam periods etc."
"The worst thing about attending my university is the unreliability of some lecturers. I also believe that there are not enough learning spaces for the number of students."
"I feel I've had very little support in certain areas and we only have a small library that isn't open 24 hours."
"The fact that there are no car park spaces on campus is a bit annoying."
"The library is only open 24/7 during exam periods, which can be a pain if you're trying to complete assignments late at night and need to get a book out."
"There are not as many societies or events as at other universities but I guess that's because it's quite small."
"The weather is the worst thing here as it fluctuates a lot."
"The books required for certain modules are very expensive and people sometimes struggle to afford them."
"Although the location is great for access to everything, for many students it's difficult to find affordable housing. You'll have to be willing to travel a bit for your studies if you want cheaper accommodation."
"I would say that some of the resources that larger unis provide their students aren't available here because Aston is a smaller uni. For example, I can't use any practice room facilities without paying and joining a club when access to similar utilities is free or much more accessible for students at other universities. The lack of focus and support for the arts is relatively evident on campus and societies that do have this kind of focus don't really get much support from the SU compared to sports clubs and academics-related societies."


"There are too many exams during the final that, when added to your dissertation, is just too much stress."
"The student union isn't very active and not many societies do interesting things."
"Some lecturers aren't as supportive as others."
"There's been some laxity in communication throughout the engineering body recently."
"I wish the library was bigger."
"It's great but not considered highly in some charts. You can sometime have several exams in just a few days."
"It is nice to have the lake and greenery but not so nice to step on all the resultant droppings."
"Our lecture rooms aren't big enough to fit the entire class so people sit on the floors if there's no room."
"There are not many trips abroad organised by the university."
"It's quite a small university."

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