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What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Some of the IT equipment in the library could be updated and the computers are quite old. The library gets very busy during exam season and it can be hard to find space to work."
"The organisation at Aston University. The graduation ceremony was not well prepared and similar things could be said about the general day-to-day organisation of events and assessments. There's not enough room for students in the library and the main building."
"The worst thing about Aston would probably be the students' union and classrooms. Although they're not particularly bad, they do need refurbishing. However, the students' union is currently being redone."
"There's little emphasis on the arts, which is a little disappointing."
"The students' union isn't amazing and the library is always full when you need it."
"Lecturers can sometimes be a little unorganised. Academic tutors sometimes provide assignments last minute or do not explain tasks thoroughly enough."
"It's a small university with less in the way of student activities and funding than larger ones. There's also a lack of scholarships for students to apply for."
"Timetables can sometimes be a bit disorganised depending on your course."
"The worst thing is the university's ranking. Also, the main building is quite tall and the elevators tend to be very filled during busy times."
"It doesn't have as big a campus as other universities and the building is not all brand new."


"There are too many exams during the final that, when added to your dissertation, is just too much stress."
"The student union isn't very active and not many societies do interesting things."
"Some lecturers aren't as supportive as others."
"There's been some laxity in communication throughout the engineering body recently."
"I wish the library was bigger."
"It's great but not considered highly in some charts. You can sometime have several exams in just a few days."
"It is nice to have the lake and greenery but not so nice to step on all the resultant droppings."
"Our lecture rooms aren't big enough to fit the entire class so people sit on the floors if there's no room."
"There are not many trips abroad organised by the university."
"It's quite a small university."

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