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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are lots of clubs and sports groups as well as lots of opportunities for extracurricular career advancement such as student rep and mentoring roles etc."
"There's a range of societies to suit everyone. Gather a group of friends and start your own if you don't find your match."
"The Harry Potter society is great at Aston. We also do a students' union quiz every week, which is good fun, and there's a tennis society as well."
"Aston has a good social environment. There are several societies to cater to different types of people and you have the opportunity to start up new societies. In terms of sports, Aston has a wide range of teams from basketball to rugby and even cheerleading."
"There is a society for just about everything you could think of, including all religions. The swim team is awesome and gives unlimited access to the pool throughout the year."
"The uni has a lot of sports societies and a great gym that is £4.50 a week. It has a pool and a well equipped gym with everything you would need as well as private training rooms for women."
"I joined the MMA and Thai boxing club. The sign up fee was a bit hefty, but justified. The club members and the coach are amazing and treat you well, and you are welcomed whether you have prior experience or not. They offer a lot of support and are open to suggestions for improvements. I enjoy it a lot. Also, society fairs are conducted once every term and are open throughout the year if you happen to miss them."
"We have a number of clubs that help fit the needs of any individual. This includes tennis, squash, badminton, football, rugby and racing."
"There are loads of societies that hold various fun events regularly."
"The SU gives quite a lot of support and funding to specific sports groups such as the hockey club and the football club. Other sports clubs do get less support and funding. There are many societies, including the newly formed Aston People and Planet. There are also societies for ethnic groups such as the Afro-Caribbean society and the Chinese society etc. There are more academic-related societies as well as hobbies and interest-related societies."


"There's a good social environment and everyone is really friendly. We have lots of sports clubs and sports nights as well as a vast array of societies to join."
"There are many available! I recommend Aston PIPE club."
"There are lots of societies for all interests."
"There are many clubs and societies to join at the university."
"You can have great fun with the sports clubs and societies are active."
"There are loads of clubs to choose from and it's not all down to sports! I'm part of the tea society and it's great."
"There are plenty of sports clubs to join at Aston and societies too! You'll almost certainly find something you like here."
"There's a club for everyone's passion and, if there isn't one you like, you can make one. From kabaddi to debate clubs and from football to the snow club."
"The social environment is good and there are a fair amount of societies."
"There is something for everyone whether you like to go out or stay in. No one can feel like an outsider here as there are so many societies that cater to everyone."

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