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Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There are loads of sports clubs and societies to join at Aston including anything from swimming to the anime and manga society. There'll be at least one that will grab your attention and you will be able to trial."
"There's definitely more support for certain sports clubs but there is a wide variety of activities to participate in. Societies vary and there's something for everyone. If there's nothing you like then you're free to start a club."
"The societies are amazing as there's such a wide variety including sports societies, movie societies, cultural and religious societies and also subject societies."
"We have a diverse range of societies that are very popular. Sports clubs cater for different ability levels with multiple teams and sports within other societies."
"There are many clubs and societies that cover almost any activity you can think of, from an anime society to a cheerleading society to a snooker society and many, many more. There are also professional societies such as the entrepreneurs society, which I was a member of."
"There are loads of societies where you can meet new people and socialise. This can also add to your uni credits if it's a language with an exam. There's a sports pitch right next to the first-year halls."
"The social environment is very pleasing and comfortable as there is a sports hall where many sport activities take place such as basketball, badminton, tennis and many more. There is also a gym where students can work out with a range of gym machines and a swimming pool, too."
"The sports facilities are great. There's a football pitch and the gym is quite amazing. The fitness classes are very cool and there's a great variety of satisfying facilities. The social community is quite vibrant and multicultural with plenty of societies to join. Socially, Aston is not doing badly and is a good place to be."
"Aston University has a lot of societies. There's a skiing society as well as netball, badminton and kayaking to mention but a few. There are also degree-related societies such as Mathletes for the mathematicians and a trading society for those who wish to venture into the trading world. There are even societies that help with careers or internships like AIESEC."
"There are a load of different sports clubs, from the normal ones such as football to the more random such as pole dancing. There are also loads of societies for charities and for courses."


"There's a good social environment and everyone is really friendly. We have lots of sports clubs and sports nights as well as a vast array of societies to join."
"There are many available! I recommend Aston PIPE club."
"There are lots of societies for all interests."
"There are many clubs and societies to join at the university."
"You can have great fun with the sports clubs and societies are active."
"There are loads of clubs to choose from and it's not all down to sports! I'm part of the tea society and it's great."
"There are plenty of sports clubs to join at Aston and societies too! You'll almost certainly find something you like here."
"There's a club for everyone's passion and, if there isn't one you like, you can make one. From kabaddi to debate clubs and from football to the snow club."
"The social environment is good and there are a fair amount of societies."
"There is something for everyone whether you like to go out or stay in. No one can feel like an outsider here as there are so many societies that cater to everyone."

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