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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"The careers service has its own website as well as its own office in the building where they check through your CV and you can do practice interviews. They also invite loads of different employers to campus such as EY, PwC and GSK. They advertise placements from everywhere and also their own set of placements at the university."
"The careers advisers are very good and offer help with CVs, mock interviews and any others queries you may have. Many companies recruit on campus including Deloitte, PwC and Deutsche Bank etc. You can get in touch with Aston alumni via LinkedIn and they can help you with any queries you have. There are lots of placements available in your third year that you can apply to, with Aston advertising roles on their software."
"Aston Futures is a great tool that we can access whenever and wherever. The careers and placements team is often putting on events, workshops and careers and placement fairs throughout the year and you can always book a meeting with one of the team. The outreach team also offers paid and voluntary work experience (mostly in schools or as an ambassador at the university)."
"Aston offers an integrated placement year that is compulsory for some courses and optional for others. It is fantastic and a great way to develop your CV and get used to the world of work. Aston does have a very good careers vacancies website that advertises top internships and placements. I think there could be improvement in terms of support, however. Many students struggle to find placements while balancing their second-year studies, making it a tough year."
"Aston University is ranked first for employability and there are always employer events going on. The careers team help with interviews and improving your CV etc."
"There are placements available in banking at the Big Four and the university allowed us to meet and network with current employers and organisations."
"I gained some support from the careers service when I was searching for a placement as I had my CV proofread and gained advice on how to make my CV and covering letter more professional. I think the effectiveness of the alumni network is satisfying as Aston graduates who work for large or medium-sized corporations pay us visits, do presentations and talks and give us information about what it's like in their job role. I am satisfied with the types of employers that visit the university campus, from small to large businesses who provide a lot of advice and tips about their graduate schemes and placements."
"The careers service has been excellent in providing a wide range of information and support while I was searching for a placement with continued support in my final year. Top companies also regularly carry out workshops and presentations on campus."
"There's Aston Futures where you can find information on placements, internships and part-time jobs. You can also book appointments to get your CV reviewed and approved, giving you a chance to stand out to employers. The uni also holds career fairs where company representatives come and talk about themselves and give you advice on their application process. The careers team will also help people to prepare for their telephone interviews or video interviews. They can also help you to secure a room where you can sit your interview without any distractions. The careers team can also help individuals looking for a placement by sending your CV to various companies."
"The careers hub does a lot of good work to inform us about different employer events that they are hosting. At the same time, we can always drop into their office and get help with CVs and applications and receive general advice."


"Careers services are always available to book appointments with. There are lots of fairs and on-campus recruitment for many different types of employers but I haven't heard much about the alumni network."
"There are many lectures on careers so you get enough information. Also, you can book an appointment with the career team as they're more than happy to help."
"I managed to get a good work placement through uni."
"We have a very strong careers service who actively help you look for a placement."
"I regularly receive emails about jobs from potential employers and opportunities on campus. There are also fairs where employers can come in to talk about jobs and people who take a look at CVs and help to improve them. I have also had the chance to interact with older students who have made me aware of job opportunities and the helpfulness of the placement year available from the university."
"There's a CV assignment that you need to complete and the feedback you receive really helps with writing your final version."
"The careers service actively pushes you to gain experience."
"The placement year helps with your graduate employability and the university has an amazing team to help you find placements and jobs. They always get employers on campus for you to meet and will support you with CVs and do mock interviews. It's a really quality service."
"Careers services have helped me with interviews and CV prep."
"For me, lecturers have actually been more helpful with knowledge of the workplace etc than the careers service."
"There have been placements and careers support offered."

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