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Please comment on the support you’ve had from the careers services, the type of employers that present and recruit on campus, the effectiveness of the alumni network, as well as fairs and on-campus recruitment activity.


"There are a lot of events open to anyone throughout the year. These can range from CV and interview workshops to external companies and speakers coming in and talking about life in the workplace and giving information on what is needed to go into various lines of work. There is also a lot of support for placements and studying abroad, with around 80% of the student body going on placement. There are many careers fairs throughout the year and there is a really good university job portal called Aston Futures, which helps us to find part-time jobs, work placement jobs and graduate jobs."
"Most degrees have integrated placements. There are also regular job fairs for part-time work and emails regarding any work on campus."
"I believe the careers service is extremely helpful, but there are not enough staff members. Aston does have many careers and recruitment events throughout the year, which gives you the opportunity to meet employers. However, I do not believe we are taught the skills needed for jobs in the real world."
"The careers service is very helpful and regularly updates you via email with new roles to apply to. Aston has good links with many top employers and placements are available in all fields. The Aston careers portal displays all types of roles including work experience."
"There are many services offered to students to prepare them for the job world and different employers come to the university to provide guidance and tips. Students are helped though the recruitment process if they need to be and they are helped with mock interviews, assessment centres and any other queries."
"There is a job shop on campus that helps with CV support and promoting job vacancies in the area. They also help with finding you a placement and offer tips for applying and the interview process, which is great."
"They focus mainly on local opportunities and are helpful to a certain extent if you know exactly what you want to do. They are not as helpful in guiding you if you're not sure of what you would like to pursue in the future."
"The careers centre here at Aston is one of the most important support services offered. I have recently joined a careers scheme that pairs me with an alumni with a similar study background in order to give me hands-on advice and support. We are scheduled to meet once a month or so, so it's not a burden for either of us. Also, there have been numerous career fairs with large and reputable companies looking to recruit and Aston also offers on-campus jobs for those who are interested in teaching, packing crates or working in food service etc. I am very happy with the support and opportunities I have been given."
"Aston has a great department for finding jobs and placements. They always respond to emails really quickly and you can always drop in to get some help. There are loads of companies that come in and do drop-in sessions."
"The placement year is the primary reason I decided to go to Aston because it's done so well. They're very helpful in finding placements and work experience and they offer support for CVs and interviews, including practice sessions."


"Careers services are always available to book appointments with. There are lots of fairs and on-campus recruitment for many different types of employers but I haven't heard much about the alumni network."
"There are many lectures on careers so you get enough information. Also, you can book an appointment with the career team as they're more than happy to help."
"I managed to get a good work placement through uni."
"We have a very strong careers service who actively help you look for a placement."
"I regularly receive emails about jobs from potential employers and opportunities on campus. There are also fairs where employers can come in to talk about jobs and people who take a look at CVs and help to improve them. I have also had the chance to interact with older students who have made me aware of job opportunities and the helpfulness of the placement year available from the university."
"There's a CV assignment that you need to complete and the feedback you receive really helps with writing your final version."
"The careers service actively pushes you to gain experience."
"The placement year helps with your graduate employability and the university has an amazing team to help you find placements and jobs. They always get employers on campus for you to meet and will support you with CVs and do mock interviews. It's a really quality service."
"Careers services have helped me with interviews and CV prep."
"For me, lecturers have actually been more helpful with knowledge of the workplace etc than the careers service."
"There have been placements and careers support offered."

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