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Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Cambridge is beautiful but a lot of things close early. Campus is a bit small and it would be nice if it were a bit bigger with more accommodation on campus. Student accommodation is expensive compared to other universities."
"Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge is located in a perfect spot in the town. We're close to the nightlife and parks as well as around the main student housing facilities. Overall, it's easy to access everything and the facilities in the university definitely don't disappoint either."
"The location was fantastic and the facilities are really modern. That said, what I like above all else is the library. It's fantastic!"
"The city campus is close to the nightlife and has great facilities and a welcoming vibe."
"We're very close to all shops and the canteen is well equipped as well as vending machines being close by. The gym is cheap, accommodation is close by and the library is very good."
"There are good facilities. The campus is well set out and everything's close together. The town centre is also close by, which is handy."
"The uni has a gym and is close to a swimming pool. I'm a triathlete so this is really handy for me."
"Cambridge is a good place to live, even if it is expensive. There is plenty to do all around the city. The uni campus is good and it has all the facilities you would expect, except for a student bar."
"Cambridge city centre and our pretty modern campus are all together so there's no need to cross half the city to get between lecture halls. We have an onsite gym (but no pool) and loads of accommodation is within a 10 minute walk."
"All accommodation, facilities and travel links you might need are within walking distance."

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