Aberystwyth University


What are the best things about studying at your university?


"The friendliness of everyone and the community feel of the university."
"The environment and locals in the city as they are all friendly. Also, the town has beautiful ocean views and wherever you walk has amazing scenery."
"It is a well organised and clean university with great facilities. All of the staff are very helpful and the library is amazing. There are lots of computer rooms everywhere in different departments."
"Living by the seaside and having a great nightlife, even if the town is small with few clubs. The sports facilities, clubs and socials are excellent. The accommodation office and accommodation itself are outstanding and the careers department is extremely helpful."


"Location, student town, friendly community and 24/7 library."
"It is a student centred town so everything revolves around the university."
"The location. Not only is it in such a beautiful place but the whole town is a student town. It feels safe and it's easy to become situated comfortably."
"Very open and helpful lecturers. Fantastic local community with people who are prepared to help and support you with any problems."
"The location is ideal for me personally. It's not too far away from home, but because of its rural location you feel distanced enough for a sense of independence. One of the major aspects I love about the university is its cultural diversity because of the number of international students who attend here. The chance to socialise with so many students from different backgrounds is really rewarding and the university provides a platform for that through a number of societies and language exchange programmes. I think the facilities at the university are at a high standard and everything is easy to locate and use."
"The sea is close. The staff are all renowned in their field of research. The department is ranked as one of the best in the world."
"It has nice computer rooms allowing us to work wherever. That's a bonus I really enjoy because I can just roam around and sit to do work wherever's convenient."
"The best things about attending Aberystwyth University are the size of the town, the location, charity shops, and the people. Aber is a small town and this has its benefits, with good charity shops being one of them. As a student, not having much money is for some a common affair and charity shops are great for cheap clothes shopping. Also the location; Aberystwyth is so beautiful, the sea and sunsets never seem to fail in terms of beauty and there are plenty places to go on walks."
"Amazing location, small and friendly department, staff are always available and helpful, low cost of living."
"Sunset views. Staff are very passionate and helpful and friendly. I'm also very happy in regards to my course, in terms of geography the university is good and in terms of glaciology it is world class."

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