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Night life

How would you rate your university towns night life?
Night life
7.3 / 10

(based on ratings in 2016)


"We have the highest density of pubs in the UK. There is something for everyone as some are quiet and others serve great food."
"Aberystwyth has over 50 pubs so you can essentially find one on every street and pick your favourite. It only has three nightclubs though so there is that downside to the area. That said, they are decently priced for entry and for the drinks so there's an upside."
"The nightlife here is very good, safe and cheap."
"The university is located about a five-minute walk from the centre of the town. All of the pubs are welcoming to students."
"There are plenty of bars but few clubs."
"There are few clubs but lots of pubs, socials and people. Although the nightlife can seem limited, nights out are very fun and extremely social in Aberystwyth."


"Pubs, beach, cinema and the pier."
"Drink and go to the beach."
"There are two main clubs, Yokes and Pier Pressure. Both venues have terrible music and most of the drinks offered are not of a wide variety for either drinkers and non-drinkers."
"So many pubs! Pier Pressure is the best club. Loads of cafes and nice places to eat, shops, charity shops, the beach, Constitution Hill, castle, amazing scenery."
"Not big-city night life at all, but large and varied selection of pubs and restaurants, a couple of clubs. Plenty of live music in pubs, often free-of-charge entry. The arts centre at university has lots to offer, plus a cinema in town."
"There is so much to do in Aberystwyth. For someone who loves the outdoors, Aberystwyth is the place to be. There are so many walks and outdoor activities one can take part in. For someone who prefers to eat out and go for a drink, there are also many places to eat in Aberystwyth and a range of pubs and bars which provide different atmospheres. So if you prefer a quiet drink out or even just a lemonade then you will be sure to find the right place for that."
"Seemingly hundreds of pubs, then Yokos and Pier."
"There are a few clubs and plenty of pubs that offer a variety of differing atmospheres."
"Biggest ratio of pubs to people in the country, so there's always somewhere new to go. Aber has it all; small traditional local pubs, larger bustling pubs, live music venues, clubs etc. Plus the small size of the town means you can do a proper pub crawl, rather than just pre-drinking and getting a taxi to a club."
"Only two clubs which are both extremely poor, but many many pubs which have a fantastic atmosphere."

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