Aberystwyth University

Location of university

Please comment on the location of your university (city, town, etc), the campus, the facilities, and student accommodation.


"Great location in a small seaside town, though campus and sports facilities are run down and could do with upgrading. Accommodation is very good with new village."
"The location of the campus is isolated from the main campus, the facilities are modern apart from our library (Thomas Parry) which is relatively ancient and student accommodation at the seafront is also a bit outdated. The university is located in a nice place but there are not many popular shops/restaurants which are likely to attract students (eg there's no Nandos, H&M, toyshop etc)."
"The town is beautiful and the view of the sea will always be breath-taking. The campuses are well facilitated as you have everything you need available to you. The student accommodation, however, is not the best. Living in the seafront residences I have problems with the heating and sometimes it can become very cold at night."
"Stunning location, views out to sea from library, arts centre and most of campus. Thriving town community, nice to feel safe when out at night (low crime rate). Library is good, gym is great if a bit small, great computer rooms, some lecture theatres/labs are a bit outdated but improvements are made regularly."
"The university is ideally situated by the seaside and countryside. The town is decent in size and everything is easily accessible. The campus is also easy to locate as it is at the top of the town. This awards students some privacy and all departments are near each other. There are enough facilities for your various requirements and they are also easily located with training sessions provided to ensure you understand how to use them. The student accommodation I personally stayed in was not to a high standard and was also closed the following year. However, I have been made aware of a better quality of accommodation that the university has to offer and I do see the attraction though prices are hefty."
"The campus is on a hill. Can't be helped but I find it horrible. The facilities for teaching on Penglais campus have become very good since the recent refurbishment. The sporting facilities available are not great. Most of the accommodation provided by the university is really overpriced as well so I would always recommend trying to get accommodation in town rather than up the hill."
"Facilities are OK. There are many societies and sporting societies which are good, although I didn't use the facilities too much. However, I did do an urban dance class which I thoroughly enjoyed. The library in the law campus is OK, just has law books mostly and it's pretty easy to locate stuff, which is great. There are computer rooms downstairs too."
"The facilities, eg the library, are very good with 24 hour access. Campus is clean and friendly and there's a wide variety of student accommodation too."
"Aberystwyth itself is a great town, especially if you get involved in the community through pubs, music, theatre, the market, church etc. The campus is compact and very green so it's a lovely place to study, especially in the sunshine. Facilities could be better, in particular the sports centre and some of the accommodation, but teaching spaces have recently been refurbished and are now really nice to learn in."
"Very isolated place."

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