Aberystwyth University


What are the worst things about studying at your university?


"Some facilities are slowly being improved but there are still areas that need work. The halls of residence are good but some need updating and repairing to make the experience even better."
"Aberystwyth is quite far from a lot of cities so journeys home can take a lot of time."
"It's a little bit small if you're used to living in a big city. Some departments are lacking on the academic side and I think more support could be offered to students."
"The location of the uni as well as its reputation and ranking."


"The "fishbowl" effect: everyone knows everyone's business."
"Being that i'm a student of the school of management and business, I'm isolated from the main campus. Hence I don't get as much social interaction with other peers, which has greatly affected the amount of friends I've made. Also, the societies are not very serious and student involvement is very little."
"Sometimes you can feel isolated from the rest of the world due to the lack of services in the area."
"I personally feel the teaching standards could be better in my department and I think staff could benefit from further training on approaching different students. There can be a lack of understanding in many cases and it does not encourage or motivate students to continue their studies. I feel a lot more participation is needed in terms of work placements etc and I also feel there could be a lot more outlets for individuals with mental health issues."
"Landlords can charge ridiculous prices in the Aber bubble."
"Far away from every big city. Too remote."
"The university bureaucracy from the non-teaching staff."
"Lots of politics within the uni."
"It's so far away from city life; being from London it was a huge change. Also, with it being such a small town seeing people you know when in town is the norm, that could be a good or bad thing. I do not feel the Law department pushes students enough or provides enough opportunities. For me, this means you should go to university here if you are very career driven and willing to do your own research. Also you do Erasmus in your second year if you are not doing a language minor. This means that your grades abroad count towards your final degree putting added pressure on you, so you can't enjoy your time abroad as much as others if you want a decent grade."
"Public transport isn't great."

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