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Clubs and social environment

Please tell us more about the social environment, sports clubs and societies and anything else you think candidates need to know about life at your university.


"There is a high variety of sports and societies. There are many of the traditional and more quirky sports available. Not every student participates but those that do have an amazing time and make new friends and connections. Many of the sports teams have away tournaments on during the whole week so you get to travel the country too. The university is in a great location to explore Wales with both north and south being accessible by bus and train."
"Aber has many different societies and you can create your own so long as ten people sign up for the society. Sports are an essential part to any university experience, which is also seen in Aber. The town is extremely social as you are always surrounded by university students who are friendly and happy to help whenever and wherever."
"Everything is good and there are a lot of clubs to join."
"We have lots of societies available at Aberystwyth University."
"There are lots of social events put on by the university as well as sports clubs and societies. There's a wide range of sports and societies to join and take part in, all offering numerous social activities for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. There is something for everyone to join so there are a lot of socialising opportunities."


"Great sense of community between societies and sports clubs."
"There are so many societies that you might not be able to do all of the ones you want!"
"The sports clubs are the most active societies within the university but non-sports clubs are less active and mainly just do socials rather proper meetings."
"Loads of societies and sports clubs. Good social environment, loads of stuff to do and things to join to make friends."
"Loads of sports/social clubs. It's set in a rural location so there are plenty of 'extreme' sports available with sea and mountains nearby."
"There's a wide variety of sports clubs and societies."
"15,000 students in a small town with nowhere else to go is only going to lead to great parties!"
"Lots of sports clubs and lots of societies. Archery is fun."
"It's a small place so you're bound to bump into someone you know wherever you go in Aber, you'll always have mutual friends too. This means there are great ties (and also rivalries) between lots of the sports clubs, which makes events like Superteams really fun. Sports and societies make up a huge part of most people's lives. For such a small place, there are hundreds of things to do: from fencing to football, to wildlife conservation and mental health awareness, there's always something going on. The arts centre on campus is nationally regarded as a major arts and culture provider and regularly hosts concerts, plays, comedy and exhibitions by international artists and performers. There's no better place to be if you love getting involved."
"Sports clubs are big here."

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