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Aberystwyth University

Diverse backgrounds

Please let us know whether you think your university does enough to attract and cater for students from a diverse range of backgrounds?


"We are one of the most international universities out there, which is incredible for such an out of the way place. The uni offers many bursaries and scholarships too, so that everyone has access to the same level of education." Aberystwyth University
"I am only one of a handful of brown Asian students I have seen in three years." Aberystwyth University
"We have a large contingent of foreign students due to the international politics course we offer." Aberystwyth University
"Aber attracts a lot of different people, including several international students." Aberystwyth University
"I think the university tries hard to attract all types of students." Aberystwyth University
"I personally think the university could do more for students from certain backgrounds in terms of appealing to them and catering for their needs. I feel that Welsh students could receive more from the university, if given the chance." Aberystwyth University
"I think it does, especially in terms of accomodating the Welsh language." Aberystwyth University
"It's very diverse and I have met people from all around the world." Aberystwyth University
"Yes, there is a diversity of racial backgrounds and Aberystwyth seems to attract a wealth of different cultures." Aberystwyth University

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