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Newcastle Nightlife
Find out the universities which students have ranked best for a night out.

We surveyed thousands of university students across the UK asking opinions on nightlife within their area as part of the TARGETcareers university reviews.
This is what they said.

Newcastle University – 9/10

Newcastle comes with a reputation for cheap drinks and huge variety, which makes it no surprise that students have rated the Newcastle nightlife an average of 9/10. With options aplenty if you're planning to go clubbing or would prefer a pint of ale at the local, you can be sure you'll find something that fits the bill.

'It's Newcastle, there are plenty of places to drink! …'

'Newcastle has an exceptionally buzzing night life. There is definitely something for everyone and it's very affordable.'

'Plenty of clubs and bars and restaurants. Cinema, comedy clubs etc if you are looking for something different and not just a session.'

University of Leeds – 8.9/10

If you're looking to attend a university with a great music scene and affordable drinks, Leeds may the ideal location for you. Surveyed students have indicated the West Yorkshire city to provide much entertainment in the form of live shows, pub crawls and bowling alleys to spend countless evenings with friends.

'A lot of bars and clubs. There's a good night for each club on each day of the week.'

'You could go out every night if you wanted to, there are so many clubs and bars. At the weekends, Canal Mills and Beaver Works normally provide the decent nights out…'

'There is a strip of bars called Call Lane in the city centre as well as all the pubs down Otley Road that form the Otley run. There are also loads of different clubs, bars and restaurants dotted all over town. There's even late-night bowling and a cinema that you can take proper food (eg pizza) and alcoholic drink into.'

Leeds Beckett University – 8.8/10

Leeds wins the double as students from Leeds Beckett University have also rated the city highly in terms of nightlife. You can expect from a city with multiple universities to enjoy the opportunity to meet and chat with a wide range of peers at one of many student nights taking place throughout the week.

'Everything you want. Leeds is a great location.'

'There's a wide range of club nights every night of the week with something for everyone. You can also find more expensive bars and other activities such as bowling and the cinema.'

'So many clubs and bars to go to, whether it's just for a drink and a chat or a party. Plenty of restaurants and cinemas to choose from too.'

Manchester Metropolitan University – 8.7/10

When speaking about nightlife in Manchester, variety is a commonly used word. As one of the largest cities in the UK, students have stressed the wide array of options they have when considering where to go, whether that's to a local pub or a nearby music venue. If you find yourself situated at the university's campus in Crewe, you can simply get to Manchester by using a nearby train station - just remember to book tickets in advance!

'There is something to suit everyone including a range of clubs and bars with different music and different vibes.'
'Most clubs are in walking distance so you save money, those that aren't you can get to with a taxi that's cheap with a big group. All of the clubs and bars are pretty cheap and hold events. Fifth is always a cheap night out and plays pretty decent chart music with a bit of popular indie music. Factory does 'quids night' every Monday and has three floors of different music for you to choose from, 42's is good for indie music, Zoo is good for rock and also has a weekly open mic night and metaloke on every other Friday. Birdcage is great on a Wednesday and does frequent holiday themed events with cheap drinks.'

'Everything including bars, clubs, places to eat, cinemas, bowling, a theatre and music venues.'

University of Liverpool – 8.7/10

The Liverpool nightlife offers something for everyone, whether that's catching the late kick-off at Anfield or simply popping to a local. As a culture capital, you will be able to find something that'll float your boat. What's more is that the city's most popular bars and clubs are within walking distance from each other, so you might well find yourself meeting someone you know.

'There's all sorts to do…. There are also loads of bars and clubs that make for a good nightlife.'

'There is a huge range of clubs and bars that can suit just about any type of person. Additionally, there are student nights and special themed nights all across the week to attract all different types of people. Alcohol is also pretty cheap in Liverpool.'

'The nightlife is amazing, the city has so much to see and it really comes alive in the night-time. Almost all of the clubs in the city have student nights where drinks are subsidised for them and there are plenty of places to enjoy an evening meal too.'

If you'd like a couple of recommendations as to which pubs you should visit, make sure to have a glance over our Guide to top universities for pubs and bars.

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