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Use our handy table to calculate your UCAS points for 2020 university entry from A levels, Highers, BTEC Nationals or the International Baccalaureate.

Some undergraduate degree courses give their entry requirements – or typical offers – as a certain number of UCAS points. Others ask for specific grades, such as ABB in your A levels or AABB in your Highers.

The UCAS tariff, which lists the number of points awarded for grades in different qualifications, had a complete overhaul for courses starting from 2017. The numbers are much lower than before, which means that universities will also set lower overall requirements. An AS level, which was formerly treated as 50% of an A level, is now regarded as 40%, and the tariff includes a wider list of qualifications.

Many different types of qualifications can be turned into UCAS points. These include exams in speech and drama, music and dance at grades six to eight, Rockschool diplomas and certificates, and a wide range of vocational qualifications. A full list is available on the UCAS website.

In some instances you can combine different qualifications together to maximise your UCAS points. However, the entry requirements for some courses limit your ability to do so – for example they may state that your UCAS points can only come from your top three A levels.

Our table covers a selection of common qualifications. Feel free to save it to your desktop and refer back when searching for degree courses on the UCAS website.

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