Careers handouts

Colourful hands - careers handouts
The pdfs below give brief summaries of different career areas. They're designed to print out and use as handouts in lessons.

Careers in accountancy

Key facts about accountancy careers, including salaries, entry routes, types of employers and qualfication as a chartered accountant.

Careers in medicine

Key facts about careers in medicine, including entry requirements for medicine degrees, how long medical training takes, skills required and salaries.

Careers in nursing

Key facts about careers in nursing, including the qualifications required to get onto a nursing degree, alternative paths into the profession, length of training, salaries and skills required.

Careers in teaching

Key facts about careers in teaching, including choice of route and university subject, how long it takes to qualify, different types of employers and salaries.

Careers in social work

Key facts about careers in social work, including types of work, entry routes, skills required and employers you could work for.

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