FUTUREWISE is a career guidance and planning programme from Inspiring Futures that helps young people from age 15 to 23 to explore their career aspirations and make informed decisions about their future, both in the UK and internationally.

FUTUREWISE helps students to learn about themselves and make informed decisions about subjects, routes to higher education, alternative pathways, future employment and careers. FUTUREWISE is available to individuals as well as to schools.

Make decisions on subject choices

Understand how their strengths, interests and personality fit together

Consider university options and alternatives to higher education

FUTUREWISE has teamed up with TARGETcareers; our mission is to help young people to make choices about their future by providing expert information and advice on the range of career possibilities available. Together, we can offer over 100 years’ experience of supporting students through their career journey from subject choices to their chosen career path.

What’s included?

FUTUREWISE provides a detailed profile report containing insights into the individual’s abilities, aptitudes, personality and interests based on the results of an online psychometric assessment. Students will receive a one-to-one guidance discussion with a level 6 qualified careers adviser where they will explore their reports and their academic and vocational aspirations. During this interview, students will also have the opportunity to explore possible career paths and receive support with their next steps.

Continued support is available through a personal dashboard and access to the careers helpline team until the age of 23. The FUTUREWISE dashboard provides students with an excellent opportunity to further explore their report results and to research universities, higher education and career options. The personalised student web pages have many interactive tools including a personal statement builder and access to up-to-date careers and higher education content developed by a dedicated team.

Benefits TARGETcareers FUTUREWISE profiling
Expert career advice
Degree explorer
Career finder
Job board
Full UK university course listings
One to one guidance
Psychometric profiling
Careers helpline team
Career guidance
Careers tools

After completing the psychometric profiling and discussing their profile report with an impartial careers advisor:

of students stated they felt more prepared to plan for their future

of students stated they were more confident about making the right choice to succeed in the future

of students stated they were now more likely to take action to plan their future

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