What can I do with physics and aerospace?

What can I do with physics and aerospace?
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Join us on this insight event to discover the vast array of different career areas available within physics including the aerospace industry, astronomy, energy and the environment.

From space science to nanophysics, from medical treatments to mobile phones, physics has an impact on virtually every area of our lives. Studying physics offers a challenging yet intriguing route to understanding the world around us.

What happens at the event?

  • Hear short talks from industry experts to learn about their area of specialism in Physics and Aerospace
  • Network with professionals to gain advice and information
  • Hear from University Professors what you would cover on a Physics degree
  • Take part in various physics activities that will help you gain key skills in the industry
  • Speak with recent graduates to learn about University life and applying for work experience and internships

How can this day help you?

  • Get to grips with the various degree courses on offer and qualification routes  
  • Understand the various areas of specialism including aerospace, the environment, engineering,  meteorology and many more
  • Learn which areas are in demand with opportunities at home and abroad
  • Gain an insight and start to build the skills Universities and employers look for  
  • Provide evidence on your personal statement that you have researched and are committed to the subject

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