Are you interested in a career in engineering, physics or aerospace?

What can I do with physics and aerospace?
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Please note: this event was previously advertised as 2 separate events How Do I Get Into Engineering? scheduled for Tuesday 9th April and What can I do with Physics and Aerospace scheduled for 17th Aptil

Join us at this insight event to discover if a career in engineering, physics or aerospace is right for you, and learn about the various routes into careers and what they could look like for you. Throughout the course of the day you will begin to discover the vast array of different career areas available within the fields of physics and engineering including the aerospace and rail industries, astronomy, energy and the environment.

What happens at the event?

  • Hear short talks from qualified professionals to learn about their area of specialism
  • Network to gain advice and information
  • Take part in practical, fun activities that will give you experience of testing out theories
  • Speak with recent graduates and apprentices to learn about University life and applying for work experience and internships

How can this day help you?

  • Understand the various areas of specialism
  • Get to grips with the various degree courses on offer and qualification routes
  • Learn which areas and skills are increasingly in demand
  • Gain an insight and start to build the skills and qualities firms look for
  • Provide evidence on your personal statement that you have researched and are committed to the subject
  • Kick start your career by gaining practical insight that will help you decide if these areas are right for you

Feedback from past attendees

"Thank you so much for running the Engineering Insight Event at Ramboll UK, it was a very informative event and I am definitely more confident about which type of engineering I would like to pursue" (year 12 student)

"It was great to get to meet so many professionals" (year 12 student))

"It was really helpful to see what engineers do on a day-to-day basis in an office" (year 11 student))

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