What can I do with maths and economics?

What can I do with maths and economics?
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Are you interested in a career involving Maths and Economics?

Join us on this one day event to learn all about the careers that maths and economics can lead to and what it is like to study these subjects at university.

Students will be treated to a packed day full of expert advice from a wide range of professional.

These challenging yet highly regarded subjects provide a solid grounding for working life, leading to a wide range of job prospects and careers. 

This event will help you think outside the box, not just at the obvious world of Finance or accountancy, to discover a much more comprehensive list of employers and industries looking to employ mathematics and economists, including AI, Actuary, Insurance, Economist and Statistician to name a few.

How can this day help you?

  • Understand all the career opportunities Maths and Economics can lead to
  • Get to grips with the various undergraduate degrees and types of courses on offer
  • Learn which jobs are in demand and will be needed when you graduate or enter the workplace
  • Provide evidence on your personal statement that you have researched the subject
  • Kick start your career by gaining insight into real life job scenarios, experiences and projects

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