What can I do with a career in engineering?

What can I do with a career in engineering?
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Are you interested in a career in engineering?

Engineers are needed all around us, to develop the software in our mobile phones; to build our roads and rail links; to design new medicines; to create new flavours in our food and much more.

Join us at this insight event to discover if a career in engineering is right for you, and learn about the types of engineering and the routes to qualification.

What happens at the event?

  • Hear short talks from qualified engineers to learn about their area of specialism
  • Network with professional engineers to gain advice and information
  • Take part in fun activities that will give you experience of engineering theory and practice  
  • Speak with recent graduates and apprentices to learn about University life and applying for work experience and internships

How can this day help you?

  • Understand the various areas of specialism such as electronics, civil, mechanical, chemical, design, sports.    
  • Get to grips with the various degree courses on offer and qualification routes  
  • Learn which areas of engineering are increasingly in demand
  • Gain an insight and start to build the skills and qualities engineering firms look for
  • Provide evidence on your personal statement that you have researched and are committed to the subject
  • Kick start your career by gaining practical insight that will help you decide if engineering is for you

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