How do I get a career within the digital and technology sector?

How do I get a career within the digital and technology sector?
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Are you interested in a career using digital skills?

Hosted by Ada National Academy of Digital Skills, this day is designed to give students a real insight into leading technology companies, and to witness first-hand the latest enhancements in cyber security, computer gaming and where the industry is heading in this digital age.

Household names including; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Apple, Google and Play Station barely existed 10 years ago and now you can’t imagine life without them. Careers using digital and technology are becoming increasingly popular as most organisations look to utilize these modern technologies to grow their business. Join us at this insight event as we explore the range of opportunities open to you.

Who is it for?

Students aged 16-19 interested in a career in technology

Students will:

  • Understand the range of careers available in the digital and technology sector
  • Get up to speed with new and innovative technologies
  • Get to grips with the various business undergraduate courses, higher apprenticeships and internships on offer to understand the differences
  • Learn which industries are in demand and opportunities for work experience, including Jagex Games and more leading tech companies 
  • Hear from speakers including Google and IBM about employmeent opportunities in this sector
  • Start to build the skills and qualities universities and employers look for 
  • Take part in hands on workshops in VR, and Coding delivered by the Ada
  • Provide evidence on your personal statement and CV that you have researched and are committed to your career

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