Andrew Ng

Measurement Scientist

I thought University was the only way to gain the qualifications I needed for a career in science. The representatives who visited my sixth form showed me that a Unilever apprenticeship is a unique opportunity to gain real insight into a top consumer goods company while obtaining a degree!

My career has progressed rapidly because the apprenticeship actively encouraged me to develop transferable workplace skills and gave me new experiences through different placements. My highlight was being given real responsibility from the start and knowing I could make a difference.

Now I’ve completed the apprenticeship and gained a first-class degree from the University of Liverpool, I know that this really was the right decision.

I had brilliant support from colleagues and lecturers – and Unilever, who really helped me achieve my goals. The skills I’ve developed have led to securing a permanent role here. I strongly recommend that students aiming for a career in science investigate what the scheme offers.

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