Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance market. With 300 years of heritage behind us, we do business in more than 200 countries and territories.

Empower human progress

Exploring space. Launching new robotic technology. Hosting huge international sporting events. None of this would be possible without the cover Lloyd’s provides. As the global leaders in specialist insurance, we cover new and complex risks around the world – and beyond – from driverless cars and cyber crime, to space tourism.

Our expert brokers and underwriters operate in more than 200 territories, covering not just the newest risks, but also the risks that are either too big or too complex for other insurers. From actors on the sets of major Hollywood blockbusters, to natural disasters and political instability, we cover the risks that others can’t.

What is Lloyd’s?

Firstly, we’re not a company, nor are we connected with any bank. We’re actually a specialist marketplace, where clients with large and complex risks meet insurers who can provide them with protection. 

Initially, a client with a risk contacts their Lloyd’s accredited insurance broker. The broker then goes to the Lloyd’s market to meet underwriters (representing specialist insurance firms), who weigh up the risk and offer terms for cover. The two parties then negotiate and, if they agree, the insurance policy is placed.

Sitting atop of the brokers, the underwriters and the firms that make up the Lloyd’s marketplace is the corporation. This is the part of the organisation that protects our trading status, manages our financial assets, and strengthens our worldwide brand. It’s also where our support functions (IT, Finance, Marketing, HR and so on) are housed.

Whether you join the marketplace or the corporation, at Lloyd’s you’ll help to insure human progress against new and complex risks.

Applications open October 7th.



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